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 Titel: iModelkit app
Indlæg: lør maj 02, 2015 3:13 am 
Ses kun sjældent ude.

Tilmeldt: lør maj 28, 2005 1:26 am
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Geografisk sted: Farum
Hvis nogle af jer anvender den geniale (gratis) app iModelkit med farvekort og malingsmixerfunktion, har I måske oplevet, at 'skydeknappen' i mixerfunktionen, der bestemmer blandingsforholdet mangler.
Forklaringen er følgende:

Thank you for your interest in iModelKit !

We are sorry you experienced an issue with our app. You are right, the sliders seems to have disappeared from our App since the new iOs 8.3 update. We are still checking why this issue has happened, but we suspect it's an Apple bug as there is nothing special with our sliders.

We have investigated a way to get around the issue. Unfortunately, as iOs7 has cut the link with previous iOs releases Apps, we can’t simply change a few lines of code to try to get around the issue and post it to the App Store anymore (We were using pre-iOs7 code to allow iModelKit to work on older devices to be used on workbenches, reserving iOs8 for the coming iModelKit v2.0). Therefore we have to change a lot of code to port the current iModelKit release to iOs8.3. This will take a bit of time and break the compatibility with older devices (unless Apple corrects the bug with a new update, the iOs 8.4 betas don't correct it yet).

While waiting for the issue to be resolved, here is how to use the sliders anyway. The sliders are there but invisible, therefore they react to touches. Using the slider’s thumbnail is not practical at all as you can’t see it. However, our sliders supports simple tap on left/right side of the slider’s thumbnail to decrement /increment the values. Here is a screenshot with the areas (⭕︎) to tap to decrement/increment the slider (using the far borders of the sliders guarantees that you tap the desired action, the result of taping anywhere else depends on the thumbnail location) :

You can check our website for more complete info and for future updates (http://www.id6.ch) but I'll send you an email back whenever the issue will be resolved,

Screenshot'et som der refererers til er desværre ikke fulgt med i kopieringen, men det burde give mening alligevel.

Henrik Stormer

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