1986 1:12 Honda NSR Wayne Gardner
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Forfatter:  Flemming Hansen [ søn maj 06, 2012 6:15 pm ]
Titel:  1986 1:12 Honda NSR Wayne Gardner


En færdig model minsandten. Tekst på Engelsk da jeg har lagt det ud der.

Celebration. I have actually finished a model! :-)

I think the kit dates back to 1987 (Tamiya 1:12 Motorcycle series no. 55) and I originally sort of half build it then. Big stumblepoints apart from early translucent and yellowish Tamiya decals were the aluminium frame and two colour paintscheme of the Rothmans machine. Back in those days Alclad and metallic finishes were but a distant dream with only Humbrol or at best polish metallic paints from Testors. Rothmans blue - at best a dark blue Humbrol - very far form the rather pretty blue with a slight purple tinge of the real thing.

So now came the time to make it with modern paints and accesories. The frame was painted with alclads. Highly polished aluminium protected with the new Alclad clear (milky white!) gloss. It worked exellent.The cowling and body is a very tight fit which really shows how much Tamiya has progressed through the years with better engineering to make bodywork fit the finished model. The vents behind the seat was made with scrap plastic. Body colour is TS-26 white and Finisher Rothmans blue. Decals is a mix of kit decals and a sheet from Museum Collection that performed ok considering the super decal guise with removable film when the decals were dry.

Body was updated with various rivets and etchings to avoid painting these with 'silver' paint... The entire thing glossed with Gunze gloss with rubbing out between layers. The tire decals were shot, but luckily a new set for Michelin radials poped up at Hiroboy some days ago - promptly ordered and delivered! Seat covered with MFH suede. A tad overscale but looks better than plain matt black.

Wiring and other details out of the box. Finally finished after 25 years! :-)





Best regards


Forfatter:  Jacob Teckemeier [ ons maj 09, 2012 11:16 pm ]
Titel:  Re: 1986 1:12 Honda NSR Wayne Gardner

Hej Flemming

Hvilket materiale har du brugt til sædet for at skabe den "plyssede" effekt?


Forfatter:  Flemming Hansen [ tors maj 10, 2012 8:30 am ]
Titel:  Re: 1986 1:12 Honda NSR Wayne Gardner

Hej Jakob

Det er noget tyndt selvklæbende materiale fra Model Factory Hiro.

http://www.hiroboy.com/catalog/product_ ... cts_id=647


El P

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