Dansk Piranha - forspørgsel
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Forfatter:  Flemming Hansen [ fre jul 17, 2009 9:22 am ]
Titel:  Dansk Piranha - forspørgsel


Er der en der kan hjælpe ham her:

Dear Sir,

I am a model builder whose main interests lie with modern wheeled armored and armed vehicles. Currently I'm converting a 1/72nd scale M1126 Stryker into a Canadian LAV-III. This conversion will serve as a master for resin castings for a British company called RetrokiT. This company is specialized in producing complete resin model kits and conversions in 1/72nd scale. In time there will be a conversion for a Canadian LAV-III in 1/72nd scale.

I just obtained Concord's book on the LAV and Piranha, which triggered me in researching the possibilities to convert a Stryker into a Piranha III. Although this shouldn't be too difficult, I am lacking some good references on the vehicles used within the Royal Danish Army. Do you know of good links to walk arounds on the net or could you get me into contact with someone withing your orginisation? Also, I am looking for some decent scale drawings on the matter. Mowag and GDLS are not very forthcoming in good drawings.

Yours sincerely,

Erik Hendriks

The Netherlands
Member of TWENOT (http://www.twenot.nl)

Skriv til mail : eresdate@gmail.com

Forfatter:  Ole Østergaard [ lør jul 18, 2009 10:48 am ]
Titel:  Re: Dansk Piranha - forspørgsel

Har sendt lidt links med billeder til ham og håber at det er dækkende.


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